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About the Project!

T.I.G.R.E. – Turkestan International Group for Research and Excavation,  is responsible for the excavation of Uch Kulakh, a fortified castle with two living areas connected to it, located in the heart of the ancient Silk Road, one of the most important Early Medioeval settlement of the Oasis of Bukhara, Uzbekistan.
In this territory, still not much know but of great importance, no archaeological monument of this kind has never been investigated. The excavations of Uch Kulakh began in the 90s of last century, and was suspended in the 2009 for lack of funds.


The mission aims is that to resume the archaeological excavation suspended in 2009 in an unique place in the world, important for the study of the history of Central Asia, in order to recover a piece of history that has unique peculiarities. It is necessary to emphasize the importance that archaeology has, when talking about Central Asia and in particular about Sogdiana or the Oasis of Bukhara, for the reconstruction of the historical events just due to the absence of a local historiographical literature, at the least up to the period immediately before Islam. Thus, archaeology becomes an essential tool, useful to reconstruct the chronological sequence, owing to the lack of written sources. It must be, then, stressed, with regard to Sogdiana, that archaeology and history are two closely connected subjects: it is through the discovery of archaeological remains that is possible to find correspondences in the chronological sequence of events that have characterized history of mankind.

The resumption of the excavation will rely on the professionalism and passion of the Italian Uzbek archaeologists, of the French, Italian and Uzbek scholars, and laborers of the place.


At the end of the excavation will be write a final report in two languages (English-Spanish) both online and on paper version which relates on the excavation and on the reconstruction of the history of the site investigated. All the documentation will have images of the materials found and given to the Museum of Ark of Bukhara, as well as it will be enriched with the most salient images of the exciting location of the excavation and of places to travel along the heart of the Silk Road. The intent is to build an alternative and attractive tourist route.


We decided to finance the project through crowdfunding because of the difficulties in traditional activities of the fundraising, so that we hope to open the project to a wide international audiance to create a community that will take an active part in its evolution based on the model virtuoso widely tested abroad, where museums meet the fervent support of social web.

The area of the Oasis of Bukhara was for centuries the scene of some important and fascinating periods of history. This place is the started points that ties the Western world and the Eastern world, here during the centuries were alternated and approached the great cultures of the ancient time. Uch Kulakh is a unique case in the history.

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How we spend the money we raise.

Visa & Travel

150€ x person

2 archaeologists

800€ x person

2 archaeologists

(Obligatory stop to meet the director of the Instituteof Achaeology of Samarkand)

2 archaeologists

(train Tashkent / Bukhara / Tashkent; taxi to and from the airport, taxis in Tashkent)

Every day transporation for reaching
the excavation site. Inland transportation


transport oasis bukhara

ARCHAEOLOGICAL MISSION CAR with DRIVER(Every day transportation for the archaeologist and workmen for reaching the excavation site of Uch Kulakh; distance for the “round-trip” is 80 km,so that for 35 days of working it’s approximately 2800 km of driving; the excavation site it’s located at the edge of the steppe desert and obviously it is accessible only by four-wheel drive.).

Every day transporation for reaching the excavation site. Inland transportation.

transport oasis bukhara

The low level of local costs allows us to pay very little for the workers without any other form of exploitation by the archaeological mission.

5.70€ a day per person / 5,70 x 15 workmen = 85.50 per day / 85.50 x 35 = 3000€ approx.

15local workmen x 35 days approx.

transport oasis bukhara


Tools for the excavation, drawing material,
photographic material, material for printer and computer


transport oasis bukhara

4€ per day per person / 4€ x 4 person per day = 16€ per day / 16×40 days

Archaeological mission members: archaeologists,
topographer, ceramologo

transport oasis bukhara

25€ per day x 2 person= 50€ / 50€ x 35 days

1 ceramologo; 1 topographer

transport oasis bukhara


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