Uch Kulakh: The Archaeological Mission

Uch Kulakh

The Archaeological Mission

The Archaeological  Mission at Uch Kulakh tepe (Oasis of Bukhara, Uzbekistan) was founded in 1995 as a joint project “La Sogdiana dall’Antichità al periodo Alto Medioevale” between the Sapienza-University of Rome and the Samarkand Institute of Archaeology ( Института археологии Академии наук Республики Узбекистан) under the scientific direction of Chiara Silvi Antonini and Djamal K. Mizaachmedov. The archaeological mission has been active in the field from 1997 to 2009, when it  was interrupted for the difficulties in the traditional fundrising.

Since autumn  2014 the mission it is  related to the MAFOuz (Mission Archéologique Franco-Ouzbèke), under the scientific direction of Claude Rapin.

The goal of the mission is the study of this interisting  region of Central  Asia through the archaeological investigation, starting from the analysis of the writing and numismatics sources and on the typological analysis of the settlements, the newly established or the re-established, in the Oasis of Bukhara during the Early Medieval Times in order to determinate in which way the relationship with the nomadic group that where crossing the steppes of Central Asia at that time have had any kind of influence in the developping of the archaeological settlement.